How to Unlock Facebook Account 100% Working ( New Trick)

Today i will Discuss – How to unlock Facebook Account With live Proof. It’s very Big Problem Now. This issue Face 20% Facebook user’s. But Everyone want to Know, Which is The main Problem? or How to Fix This issue?

Unlocking Facebook accounts is not an easy task. But if you follow these steps, you can easily do it.In this article, we have explained step by step process to unlock Facebook account.You can also read our other articles on -How to Unlock Facebook account.

Facebook account unlock is the process of restoring a locked Facebook account which has been locked due to any reasons. Basically, you have to provide proof of your identity in order to unlock your Facebook account and regain access to your profile.

Unlock Facebook Account :

How to unlock Facebook account

This process can be done by providing the required documents and information. Unlocking your account allows you to add additional privacy controls that you can set up before and after logging into the site. Your photos and videos, posts, comments, and likes are all visible. You can also view your contacts list and send messages from the app.

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There are a few ways you can get an account unlocked; a lot of these involve giving police officers or security guards your ID card along with proof of address. You can also use a phone call, message or email.

It’s important to note that Facebook does not issue new accounts for people who have been reported as abusive or violent on other sites such as Twitter or Instagram. You generally need to be able to prove. that you are not part of this group in order to How to unlock  Facebook account.

Why Facebook Locked Your Profile?

There several reason for Facebook Locked Your Profile. This all Reason List Bellow. If you avoid This Rules. I sure your Account be safe. Many Facebook User’s Profile Locked This Reason.

  • Password Isn’t Strong
  • Account Primary Gmail Change
  • Don’t Any Gmail add
  • Multiple Account
  • Don’t have Profile Picture
  • Same Phone Number
  • Turn off Two step Verification

That’s All. This Many Reason for Facebook Can be Locked Your Profile. So,If you Want To Unlock Facebook Account. You need Many Documents. Now see How many Document Need For Unlock Facebook Profile..

How many Documents Need For Unlock Facebook Account?

  • National ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driving Licences
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Tax Identification Certified

This One Documents Need for Unlocking Your Facebook Profile.Now see How To unlock Facebook Account Trick.

How to Unlock Facebook Account :

  • You open Your Facebook Account. You see THIS Error Message. Now Click “Get started “.Unlock Facebook account
  • Then open New Page. Here Click ” Next ” Here You see New Page.That Your Need Provide Email. (if your account already added mail,You see This)Facebook account unlock
  • Now Click Here and Provide Your Gmail. (if your account Don’t add Gmail) Otherwise You see Your Gmail Account. Then Click “Get code “.Lock Facebook account unlock
  • Then You Received a code “Gmail Account ” . Put This Code Here. and ” Submit ” Click.
  • Now You open a New page. Here Your Need to Provide Documents. (Required This Paper on The Top)
  • Now You Click “Next ” for Upload Documents. (if your Not Any Documents, You can create a Fake ID card, Driving Licences) -See and create Now.
  • Your Documents MUST bee Same Your Facebook Profile Information. (name,date of birth, address, picture mach)
  • Now You Upload Your Document. and Submit.. Here Successful Submit Your Documents.
  • After submitted Your Documents. Facebook Review Your Documents and Profile. If Your Information same. Facebook Unlocked Your account. Within -24h.

Warning : Please Follow This Step. This Tricks 100% working. That’s How To Unlock Facebook Account With proof. or any Problem You can Contact Us. Thank You.

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